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The Biography of Primeval

The Beginning
Progressing from the technical thrash outfit Relayer and the Black/Death metal mayhem of Imprecation,
Victor forms a new Death Metal band with the intent to combine elements of the afformentioned styles.
Omar and Juan Fernandez are brought back from Relayer on drums and bass respectively.
Kevin joins on vocals and the first lineup of Primeval is complete. Intense writing and rehearsals
follow and quickly the musical path is paved. "Condemned" is one of the first songs to arise from these
sessions and later becomes the title track of the first demo. The band records songs on 4-track in preparation
for the studio. Soon, a setback no one was prepared for will bring the band to the brink of extinction just as it
is still developing.

Tragedy Strikes
On the 11th night of March 1995 Victor, Omar and older brother Mario are involved in a fatal car crash that
claims the lives of Omar and Mario. Victor survives but is left in a coma. Victor eventually recovers and decides
to carry on the band in memory of his fallen brothers. Rudy Delgado is brought in to fill the drum spot.

A New Beginning
The band begins the next chapter with the aquisition of Rudy. Meanwhile, Victor prepares the original 4-track
recordings for studio mastering. During this time, Vocalist Kevin decides to leave the band and Primeval is left to find
another member. John Benavides, former bass player with Distorted Rage, is brought in to take over the vocals. John
lends his vocals to the track "Sub-Species" and the demo is now complete. The songs are taken to Texas Music Studios
and Condemned is released on The Texas Music Syndicate label. The 4 song demo is a heavy slab of Death/Doom
metal that hints at where the band will head in future releases. The demo receives good reviews in various publications
and gets underground radio play. Condemned is dedicated to memory of Omar and Mario.

Chapter II
The band writes and rehearses new material for the next release: 1997's "Temptation". The CD expands on the elements
of the demo and introduces a hint of the "Black" metal style. Featuring 8 anthems of destruction, the CD establishes
the band as a force in the underground world. With crushing songs such as "The Sleeper has Awakened" and
"Manipulator", the CD showcases the band's lyrical and musical progression.

Scorn of Incubus
In 1998 the band records "Scorn of Incubus". This 4 song MCD once again builds on the momentum of the previous
release and further expands the band's style. The song Puritan is also featured on S.O.D. Magazine's "Death of the World"
compilation CD from Issue #12. Fans from as far away as Russia, through underground distribution, get a taste
of Primeval.

The Next Chapter
After a year of writing and rehearsing, drummer Rudy decides to step down from the drums. Several songs were written
during this period and rough tracks have been recorded. The band is pleased to welcome Welden Roberts, formerly of
local thrashers Legion, to the band. Welden brings a powerful dumming style to the band and his skills will help further
the band's progression. Stay Tuned!!